A trial to restore defective human sperm centrosomal function.

  title={A trial to restore defective human sperm centrosomal function.},
  author={Soichi Nakamura and Yukihiro Terada and Vanesa Yanina Rawe and Shigeki Uehara and Yuki Morito and Tomoko Yoshimoto and Masahito Tachibana and Takashi Murakami and Nobuo Yaegashi and Kunihiro Okamura},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={20 7},
BACKGROUND In human fertilization, sperm centrosome function is essential for male and female pronuclear movement and fusion. In this study, we investigated the possibility of restoring human sperm centrosomal function in sperm exhibiting abnormalities in microtubule organization. METHODS Semen was obtained from both a fertile donor and a patient with dysplasia of the fibrous sheath (DFS). Following heterologous ICSI using human sperm, we examined microtubules and chromatin configuration in… CONTINUE READING