A translation grammar for ALGOL 68


In this paper, a translation grammar is presented for a major subset of the ALGOL 68 programming language. This translation is from ALGOL 68 into an intermediate language that was originally designed for an EULER programming system. It appears that many of the ALGOL 68 programming facilities, especially the <i>union</i> declaration, the use of structures, and the manipulation of arrays with flexible dimension bounds can easily and naturally be expressed using EULER concepts along with some relatively straightforward EULER system procedures. Another advantage of using an EULER intermediate language is that implementations of the Euler system exist on the UNIVAC-1108, IBM-7094, Burroughs-6500, CDC-6500, and doubtless on the IBM-360 line of computers. Therefore, it would require a relatively modest effort for any organization having one of these computers to obtain a working "first version" of ALGOL 68.

DOI: 10.1145/1476936.1477014

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