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A touch of cocoa; Baseline study of six UTZ-Solidaridad cocoa projects in Ghana

  title={A touch of cocoa; Baseline study of six UTZ-Solidaridad cocoa projects in Ghana},
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EU development cooperation and Ethical certification schemes: impact, transparency and traceability
  • 2020
‘Transparency’, ‘Traceability’, ‘Sustainable standards’, ‘good agricultural practices’ and ‘zerodeforestation’ are all fine terms which [alongside many others] have emerged in connection with theExpand
How can the productivity of Indonesian cocoa farms be increased
This study investigates the Indonesian cocoa production to reveal the possibilities for poverty alleviation while considering the threats to environmental sustainability. We estimate, based on aExpand
The Impacts of Cocoa Sustainability Initiatives in West Africa
To tackle the multiple challenges facing the cocoa sector, voluntary sustainability standards and corporate initiatives, largely focusing on farm and farmer group scale, are often implemented byExpand
The challenges of screening and synthesising qualitative research in a mixed-methods systematic review. The case of the impact of agricultural certification schemes
ABSTRACT The number of mixed-methods systematic reviews in international development is growing in recent years. By recognising the value of qualitative research in providing valuable evidence onExpand
Policy Case Study -- Food Labeling: Climate for Sustainable Growth
This case study is part of the CEPS project ‘Climate for Sustainable Growth’, whose main objective is to analyse the impacts of climate change mitigation measures on the three pillars of sustainableExpand
Gender and forest, tree and agroforestry value chains: evidence from literature
Abstract The critical link between gender and forest and tree-based livelihoods is gaining recognition. A growing body of research has highlighted the role of gender in shaping access to, managementExpand
IOB Review - Riding the wave of sustainable commodity sourcing. Review of the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH 2008-2013
The Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH (Initiatief Duurzame Handel) was set up in 2008 as a multi-stakeholder initiative of private companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), trade unions andExpand
Impact of UTZ Certification of cocoa in Ivory Coast. Assessment framework and baseline
Since 2008 UTZ Certified has implemented a programme in Ivory Coast to enhance sustainability in the cocoa supply chain through the implementation of the UTZ Code of Conduct. The programme hasExpand
Small-scale farmers, certification schemes and private standards: is there a business case? : costs and benefits of certification and verification systems for small-scale producers in cocoa, coffee, cotton, fruit and vegetable sectors
Certification of agricultural products is an increasingly common tool that is expected to contribute to agricultural improvement, farmer well-being, poverty alleviation, reduced environmental impactExpand
The Triviality of Measuring Ultimate Outcomes: Acknowledging the Span of Direct Influence
Sustainability standards and certification schemes have been promoted as a market‐driven instrument for realising development impacts and receive public funding. As a result, companies, NGOs andExpand


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The World Bank.
The Principles and Guidelines are a distillation of international best practice on design aspects of insolvency and creditor rights systems, emphasizing contextual, integrated solutions and the policy choices involved in developing those solutions. Expand
Answering options should not be read out to the households, options are for enumerators' convenience only! 2
    Child labour (even though minimal, it occurred at project farms)
      Ghana ups cocoa purchase price for
        How far apart are your cocoa trees planted from each other on your farm
          How many shade trees do you have on your farm per acre?