A totally self-checking checker for Borden's code

  title={A totally self-checking checker for Borden's code},
  author={Niraj K. Jha},
  journal={IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems},
It is well known that a large number of errors in VLSI circuits are unidirectional in nature. It has been shown that the L n / 2 J -out-of-!? codes are the optimal codes for detecting all unidirectional errors. Recently, attention has been focused on detecting only t , not all, unidirectional errors. Borden has shown that a code consisting of all length ti words whose weight (number of bits which are 1) is congruent to Ln/2 J modulo ( r + 1 ) is an optimal r-unidirectional error detecting (r… CONTINUE READING