A tobacco flower-specific gene encodes a polyphenol oxidase

  title={A tobacco flower-specific gene encodes a polyphenol oxidase},
  author={Maria Helena de Souza Goldman and J. Seurinck and Mozart Marins and Gustavo Henrique Goldman and Celestina Mariani},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Identification of pistil-expressed genes is an important step in understanding pistil development and function in plant reproduction. A tobacco stigma/style cDNA library was differentially screened and several cDNA clones were isolated. One of these tobacco genes, designated tobP1, is characterized here. TobP1 encodes a protein highly homologous to plant polyphenol oxidases. Northern blot analysis of total RNA extracted from different organs and probed with tobP1 cDNA identified a single… CONTINUE READING