A tissue factor targeted nanomedical system for thrombi-specific drug delivery.


Tissue factor (TF) is a 47 kDa membrane-bound glycoprotein, which is present at high concentrations on damaged endothelium, atherosclerotic plaques or tumor vasculature, and is an important trigger of coagulation cascade. In this study, we have expressed and purified the TF targeting protein-EGFP-EGF1, which was thiolated and conjugated to the malemide of the PEG-PLGA nanoparticle to form a TF targeting nanomedical system: EGF1-EGFP-NP. The system was carefully characterized and the targeting efficiency was systematically evaluated. The EGF1-EGFP-NP could significantly facilitate specific uptake by TF overexpressed BCEC via EGF1/TF mediated endocytosis pathway. In addition, the pharmacokinetic study demonstrated that EGF1-EGFP-NP has the same blood circulation time as NP. Enhanced accumulation of EGF1-EGFP-NP in the cortex infarction region was also observed by real-time fluorescence image. Confocal microscopy and TEM further showed that EGF1-EGFP-NP combined with TF and further transfected through the damaged endothelium. Moreover, in vitro cell viability experiment and in vivo coagulation ability confirmed that the EGF1-EGFP-NP was safe.

DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2012.06.094

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