A time to retrospect and prospect

  title={A time to retrospect and prospect},
  author={Calvin C. Gotlieb},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • C. Gotlieb
  • Published 2008
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
As noted in these introductory pages, Alan Perlis was the founding Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Communications, with the first issue debuting in January 1958. He resigned upon being elected ACM President in June 1962. During his tenure, CACM content was organized into departments, such as "Scientific Applications," "Standards," "Programming Languages," among others. I was the editor of a section on "Business Applications." 
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New Impressions in Interaction Design: A Task Taxonomy for Elastic Displays
A task taxonomy based on productive uses of Elastic Displays found in literature, on the web, and in the interaction lab is contributed, which emphasizes tasks, but also encompasses general aspects regarding content types, visualization technology, and interaction styles.
EHealth Applications for Those in Need: Making Novel Interaction Technologies Accessible
ETSI’s approach to identifying relevant technology areas and the resulting technology roadmaps are presented in the form of examples and scenarios, pointing out potential barriers individual technologies may create for specific user groups.
Smart Ball and a New Dynamic Form of Entertainment
This chapter introduces a smart ball entertainment system, which it is called “Bouncing Star,” which creates several applications that integrate real-time dynamic computer graphics with responsive sounds and is exhibited in museums where people can participate in ball play.
'MoleBot': An Organic User-Interface-Based Robot That Provides Users with Richer Kinetic Interactions
A new type of organic user interface that displays a 3D robotic creature, ‘MoleBot’ to provide a ludic experience inspired by traditional board games, which can be used in interactive boardgaming environments and kinetically informative tabletops.
AmbiKraf Byobu: Merging Technology with Traditional Craft
Through the use of AmbiKraf technology embodied by the Byobu, this paper hopes to provide a convincing example that sensitively combines traditional textile crafts with new technology in order to help redefine the meaning and role of traditional textiles.
Linetic: Technical, Usability and Aesthetic Implications of a Ferrofluid-Based Organic User Interface
The overall system from a technical, usability and aesthetic viewpoint is explained by outlining significant experiments conducted that contribute to the development of the system, as well as characterize Linetic’s disposition to Analogness or Digitalness.