A time-domain , level-dependent auditory filter : The gammachirp

  title={A time-domain , level-dependent auditory filter : The gammachirp},
  author={Toshio Irinoa and Roy D. Pattersonb},
  • Toshio Irinoa, Roy D. Pattersonb
  • Published 1996
A frequency-modulation term has been added to the gammatone auditory filter to produce a filter with an asymmetric amplitude spectrum. When the degree of asymmetry in this ‘‘gammachirp’’ auditory filter is associated with stimulus level, the gammachirp is found to provide an excellent fit to 12 sets of notched-noise masking data from three different studies. The gammachirp has a well-defined impulse response, unlike the conventional roex auditory filter, and so it is an excellent candidate for… CONTINUE READING
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