A three Higgs doublet model with symmetry-suppressed flavour changing neutral currents

  title={A three Higgs doublet model with symmetry-suppressed flavour changing neutral currents},
  author={Dipankar Das and Pedro Miguel Martins Ferreira and Ant{\'o}nio P. Morais and Ian Padilla-Gay and Roman Pasechnik and J. Pedro Rodrigues},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract We construct a three-Higgs doublet model with a flavour non-universal U(1) × ℤ2 symmetry. That symmetry induces suppressed flavour-changing interactions mediated by neutral scalars. New scalars with masses below the TeV scale can still successfully negotiate the constraints arising from flavour data. Such a model can thus encourage direct searches for extra Higgs bosons in the future collider experiments, and includes a non-trivial flavour structure. 
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