A theory of modal dialectics

  title={A theory of modal dialectics},
  author={Erik C. W. Krabbe},
  journal={Journal of Philosophical Logic},
  • E. Krabbe
  • Published 1 May 1986
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Philosophical Logic

Proof Search in Multi-Agent Dialogues for Modal Logic

Constructive modal logics, as a combination of intuitionistic propositional logic and classical modalLogics, describe a family of modal systems which are, compared to the classical variant, more restrictive concerning the validity of formulas.

Dialogues as a Dynamic Framework for Logic

Dialogical logic is a game-theoretical approach to logic. Logic is studied with the help of certain games, which can be thought of as idealized argumentations. Two players, the Proponent, who puts

Information-seeking Processes in Evaluating Argumentation

This article points out the relevance of the research on information seeking for argumentation theory. The process of evaluating argumentation presupposes diverse principles of argument

The Effectiveness of Argumentative Strategies

In this article, I further analyze the notion of the effectiveness of argumentative strategies, introduced in Jovičić, 2001. The most relevant achievements of the theories of reasonable discussion

Dialogue logic

  • E. Krabbe
  • Philosophy
    Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century
  • 2006

Authority-based Argumentative Strategies: A Model for their Evaluation

In this paper, I try to develop an informal model for the analysis and evaluation of argumentative strategies based on active authorities. The explanations necessary to understand the idea of the

New Concepts for Argument Evaluation



From axiom to dialogue

Noncumulative dialectical models and formal dialectics

In [2], on the other hand, the elements d, d’ of the set D in a dialectical structure represent possible dialectical situations of a specifiable dialectical subjectP and dRd’ is read accordingly.

Modal elaborations of propositional logics

Semantical Analysis of Modal Logic I Normal Modal Propositional Calculi

Publisher Summary This chapter discusses semantical analysis of modal logic ii and non-normal modal propositional calculi. The proof of sufficiency, which is omitted by many, proceeds by constructing