A test for determining endurance capacity in fencers.

  title={A test for determining endurance capacity in fencers.},
  author={Mario Weichenberger and Yanzhu Liu and J{\"u}rgen M Steinacker},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={33 1},
Until now endurance in fencers has been tested by non-specific ergometer tests even though the movement patterns during fencing are considerably different. The aim of the study was to evaluate a newly developed fencing-specific endurance test (FET). 2 studies were carried out: 28 fencers were tested by FET with fencing-specific footwork and incremental tests on cycle (CE) and treadmill ergometer (TM) in a random order. Afterwards fencing bouts (BOU) were conducted to determine specific physical… CONTINUE READING