A test-bed for optimizing high-resolution single particle reconstructions.

  title={A test-bed for optimizing high-resolution single particle reconstructions.},
  author={Scott M. Stagg and Gabriel C Lander and Joel Ivan Munoz Quispe and Neil R Voss and Anchi Cheng and Henry Bradlow and Steven B. Bradlow and Bridget Carragher and Clinton S. Potter},
  journal={Journal of structural biology},
  volume={163 1},
It is becoming routine for cryoEM single particle reconstructions to result in 3D electron density maps with resolutions of approximately 10A, but maps with resolutions of 5A or better are still celebrated events. The electron microscope has a resolving power to better than 2A, and thus should not be a limiting factor; instead the practical limitations in resolution most likely arise from a combination of specimen preparation methods, data collection parameters, and data analysis procedures… CONTINUE READING