A technique for portal pancreatic transplantation with enteric drainage.

  title={A technique for portal pancreatic transplantation with enteric drainage.},
  author={A Osama Gaber and Hosein M. Shokouh-Amiri and Hani P. Grewal and Lisa G Britt},
  journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics},
  volume={177 4},
Twelve patients were operated upon using this technique. Early results show that hyperinsulinemia has abated in these patients and that the need for postoperative bicarbonate replacement, admissions for dehydration or hematuria resulting from pancreatic exocrine drainage into the bladder are also eliminated (9). This new technique of portal pancreatic transplantation is suitable for patients undergoing combined pancreatic and renal transplantation in whom rejection of the pancreas can be… CONTINUE READING

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