A technique for intravenous nutrition in the newborn rabbit.


A technique and nutritional regimen for intravenous feeding of neonatal rabbits is described. Central venous nutrition of 40- to 60-g newborn rabbits was accomplished in a modified infant incubator using a specially constructed catheter and light-weight harness to provide nutrients by central vein for periods up to 7 days. Throughout the infusion period the newborn rabbits appeared healthy and evidenced increasing activity with age. The pups grew an average of 6.3 g/day, while receiving an intake of 150 to 200 kcal/kg/day. This model appears capable of being utilized to provide information on neonatal growth and metabolism in response to parenteral nutrition.

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@article{Rivera1990ATF, title={A technique for intravenous nutrition in the newborn rabbit.}, author={Audelio Rivera and R. J. Roberts and Jonathan R Wispe}, journal={JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition}, year={1990}, volume={14 1}, pages={101-3} }