A taxonomy of model‐based testing approaches

  title={A taxonomy of model‐based testing approaches},
  author={Mark Utting and Alexander Pretschner and Bruno Legeard},
  journal={Software Testing},
Model‐based testing (MBT) relies on models of a system under test and/or its environment to derive test cases for the system. This paper discusses the process of MBT and defines a taxonomy that covers the key aspects of MBT approaches. It is intended to help with understanding the characteristics, similarities and differences of those approaches, and with classifying the approach used in a particular MBT tool. To illustrate the taxonomy, a description of how three different examples of MBT… 

Experiences in setting up domain-specific model-based testing

This paper presents experiences in using a domain-specific modeling layer on top of the specific model-based testing tools, which allows for easier change of the used testing tool, while providing a more familiar modeling notation in terms of the domain concepts familiar to the user.

Model Driven Architecture based Testing Tool based on Architecture Views

A model-driven architecture based testing tool framework whereby the adopted models represent models of the architecture and the MDABT process and the corresponding tool are proposed.

An Empirical Study of Test Cases Selection by Applying Criteria to Activity Diagram

This paper proposes an approach in which UML activity diagrams are used as a model and generates a more effective suite of test cases than that of the Siemens Suite.

An approach to modularization in model-based testing

This paper proposes a modularization approach for modeling in model-based testing and presents a tool for supporting this modularized approach.

Lightweight Model-Based Testing for Enterprise IT

A lightweight MBT approach and a tool, called Yest, dedicated to business process-based testing of enterprise information systems, and the way MBT may support emerging Acceptance Test Driven Development practices in agile is discussed.

A systematic review of state-based test tools

  • M. ShafiqueY. Labiche
  • Computer Science
    International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer
  • 2013
The goal of this systematic review is determining the current state of the art of prominent MBT tool support where it focuses on tools that rely on state-based models.

Recent Advances in Model-Based Testing

A Model-Based Test Case Management Approach for Integrated Sets of Domain-Specific Models

  • Reinhard PröllB. Bauer
  • Computer Science
    2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops (ICSTW)
  • 2018
This work developed an integrated and model-based approach supporting test case management, which incorporates the beneficial aspects of abstract development methodologies with predominant research for test casemanagement in non-model-based scenarios.

Towards an Integrated Methodology for the Development and Testing of Complex Systems

The framework provides a meta-model for the description of systems at different levels of abstraction which is used as a basis for the combination of model-based testing techniques for automated test case generation with executable requirement monitors that continuously observe the status of the System under Test (SuT) during test execution.



A survey on model-based testing approaches: a systematic review

A selection criterion was used to narrow the initially identified four hundred and six papers to focus on seventy-eight papers and detailed analysis of these papers shows where MBT approaches have been applied, the characteristics, and the limitations.

A Systematic Review of Model Based Testing Tool Support

This paper presents a systematic review of prominent MBT tool support where it focuses on tools that rely on state-based models, and Precisely defined criteria are used to compare selected tools.

Surveying model based testing approaches characterization attributes

The planning, execution, and initial results analysis of a survey accomplished with Model Based Testing researchers and practitioners compose a body of knowledge regarding Model-based Testing Approaches intended to support software engineers in using MBT approaches in software projects.

A Picture from the Model-Based Testing Area: Concepts, Techniques, and Challenges

Model-Based Testing in Practice

The goal of testing is failure detection: observable differences between the behaviors of implementation and specification, which is an important and expensive activity in the development process.

Abstractions for Model-Based Testing

Improving Evidence about Software Technologies: A Look at Model-Based Testing

The evidence on model-based testing (MBT) was looked at to extract some useful knowledge and also discuss some issues that are relevant to other software technologies with similar types of evidence.

Model-Based Testing of Object-Oriented Reactive Systems with Spec Explorer

This chapter provides a comprehensive survey of the concepts of the model-based testing tool and their foundations.

Model-Based Software Testing and Analysis with C#

New methods for specifying, analyzing, and testing software; essentials for creating high-quality software are taught, increasing the automation in each of these steps, making them more timely, more thorough, and more effective.

Generating test data from state‐based specifications

This paper presents formal testing criteria for system level testing that are based on formal specifications of the software, which represent a significant opportunity for testing.