A taxonomic study of Syntrichia laevipila (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex

  title={A taxonomic study of Syntrichia laevipila (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex},
  author={M. Gallego and M. Cano and J. Guerra},
  journal={Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society},
A taxonomic study of Syntrichia laevipila and S. pagorum has been carried out. A morphological description and distribution data of S. laevipila are provided. Three lectotypes for Syntrichia laevipila, Barbula laevipila var. meridionalis and Tortula laevipilaeformis are proposed. After studying the type material of the S. laevipila and S. pagorum complex and samples from numerous localities throughout the world, we conclude that S. laevipila and S. pagorum are the same taxon and that the… Expand

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