A taxonomic revision of Stibasoma Schiner, 1867 (Diptera: Tabanidae).

  title={A taxonomic revision of Stibasoma Schiner, 1867 (Diptera: Tabanidae).},
  author={Mauren Turcatel and Claudio J. B. de Carvalho and Jos{\'e} Albertino Rafael},
Here we revise description of the Neotropical genus Stibasoma Schiner (Diachlorini – Tabaninae), including redescription of 15 species that range from Mexico to northern Argentina: S. apicimacula Fairchild, S. aureoguttatum Krober, S. bella Limeira de Oliveira & Rafael, S. bicolor Bigot, S. chionostigma (Osten Sacken), S. currani Philip, S. festivum (Wiedemann), S. flaviventre (Macquart), S. fulvohirtum (Wiedemann), S. giganteum (Lutz), S. leucopleurale Barretto, S. lutzi Barretto, S… 
Taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Rhabdotylus Lutz, 1913 (Diptera: Tabanidae)
The Neotropical genus Rhabdotylus Lutz, 1913 (Tabaninae: Diachlorini) is revised, including redescription of three species that range from Guatemala to Argentina, includingredescription of R. rubrum, R. venenatum, and R. viridiventris.
First records of two genera and thirteen species of Tabanidae (Diptera) from Honduras
Information on the diversity of the Tabanidae of Honduras is presented as a product of the examination of 386 specimens and a literature review and all new records are mapped and illustrated to aid in the identification of the species.
Wing Shape Variation in the Taxonomic Recognition of Species of Diachlorus Osten-Sacken (Diptera: Tabanidae) from Colombia
It is hypothesized that other species of Diachlorus could also be discriminated using geometric morphometry of the wing shape, and linear discriminants were better than nonlinear (quadratic) discriminant analyses in predicting species membership, but the opposite was true for predicting area membership.
The Tabanidae of the Mitaraka expedition, with an updated check list of French Guiana (Diptera)
During this “The authors' Planet Revisited” survey nine tabanid species were recorded from French Guiana for the first time: Chrysops ecuadorensis Lutz, C. incisus Macquart, Catachlorops amazonicus Henriques & Gorayeb, Chlorotabanus flagellatus Krolow & Henriques, Cryptoylus cauri Stone and one unidentified Chrysops.
Corrections and additions to Catalogue of Neotropical Diptera (Tabanidae) of Coscarón & Papavero (2009)
The Neotropical region has 1,205 Tabanidae species, besides 35 unrecognized species and 29 nomina nuda, including 15 recently described species.
Tabanids in South America
The text provides information on taxonomy, morphological data, distribution, and bionomy on most recorded species of tabanids in South America. The distribution parameters of spe‐ cies according to