A taxonomic and phylogenetic re-evaluation of Therizinosauria (Dinosauria: Maniraptora)

  title={A taxonomic and phylogenetic re-evaluation of Therizinosauria (Dinosauria: Maniraptora)},
  author={Lindsay E Zanno},
  journal={Journal of Systematic Palaeontology},
  pages={503 - 543}
  • Lindsay E Zanno
  • Published 2010
  • Biology
  • Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
  • Therizinosaurians are among the most poorly understood dinosaurs. Their unusual morphology and fragmentary fossil record has precluded a synthetic understanding of the group since their remains were first discovered over 60 years ago. Although the clade was recently substantiated as a monophyletic group of maniraptoran theropods, little foundational work has been conducted at the species level. A recent plethora of therizinosaurian discoveries – including the most complete primitive and derived… CONTINUE READING
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