A target site for template-based design of measles virus entry inhibitors.

  title={A target site for template-based design of measles virus entry inhibitors.},
  author={Richard K Plemper and Karl J. Erlandson and Ami S Lakdawala and Aiming Sun and Andrew Prussia and Jutatip Boonsombat and Esin Aki-Sener and Ismail Yalcin and Ilkay Yildiz and Ozlem Temiz-Arpaci and Betul Tekiner and Dennis C Liotta and James P. Snyder and Richard W. Compans},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={101 15},
Measles virus (MV) constitutes a principal cause of worldwide mortality, accounting for almost 1 million deaths annually. Although a live-attenuated vaccine protects against MV, vaccination efficiency of young infants is low because of interference by maternal antibodies. Parental concerns about vaccination safety further contribute to waning herd immunity in developed countries, resulting in recent MV outbreaks. The development of novel antivirals that close the vaccination gap in infants and… CONTINUE READING
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