A tale of two saddles

  title={A tale of two saddles},
  author={Venkat Chandrasekaran and Netta Engelhardt and Sebastian Fischetti and Sergio Hernandez-Cuenca},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We find a new on-shell replica wormhole in a computation of the generating functional of JT gravity coupled to matter. We show that this saddle has lower action than the disconnected one, and that it is stable under restriction to real Lorentzian sections, but can be unstable otherwise. The behavior of the classical generating functional thus may be strongly dependent on the signature of allowed perturbations. As part of our analysis, we give an LM-style construction for computing the on-shell… 



Free energy from replica wormholes

Euclidean wormholes---geometries which connect disconnected boundaries---present a challenge to a standard quantum mechanical interpretation of the theory. One potential resolution is that the

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Matrix models and deformations of JT gravity

  • E. Witten
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
It is argued that a deformation of JT gravity with bulk action −1/2∫d2xg( ϕR+W(ϕ)) is likewise dual to a matrix model, and the density of eigenvalues of the dual matrix model is determined.

Transcending the ensemble: baby universes, spacetime wormholes, and the order and disorder of black hole information

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For the first time, a gravitational calculation was recently shown to yield the Page curve for the entropy of Hawking radiation, consistent with unitary evolution. However, the calculation takes as

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We generalize the holographic correspondence between topological gravity coupled to an abelian Chern–Simons theory in three dimensions and an ensemble average of Narain’s family of massless free