A tale of two GRB-SNe at a common redshift of z=0.54

  title={A tale of two GRB-SNe at a common redshift of z=0.54},
  author={Zach Cano and David Bersier and Cristiano Guidorzi and Raffaella Margutti and Karl M. Svensson and Satoru Kobayashi and Andrea Melandri and Klaas Wiersema and Alexei Pozanenko and A. J. van der Horst and Guy G. Pooley and Alberto Fern'andez-Soto and Alberto J. Castro-Tirado and Antonio de Ugarte Postigo and M. Im and Atish P. Kamble and Dushmanta Sahu and J. Alonso-Lorite and G. Anupama and Joanne L. Bibby and Martin Burgdorf and Noah Clay and Peter A. Curran and Timur A. Fatkhullin and Andrew S. Fruchter and P. Garnavich and Andreja Gomboc and Javier Gorosabel and John F. Graham and Upendra Gurugubelli and J. Haislip and Kaiyun Huang and Avon P. Huxor and M. Ibrahimov and Y-B. Jeon and K. Ivarsen and Dan Kasen and Evgeny Klunko and Chryssa Kouveliotou and Aaron Patrick Lacluyze and Andrew J. Levan and Vladimir M. Loznikov and P. A. Mazzali and Alexander Moskvitin and Caroline Mottram and Carole G. Mundell and P E Nugent and Melissa C. Nysewander and P. T. O'Brien and Wonsun Park and V. Peris and Elena Pian and Dan E. Reichart and James E. Rhoads and Evert Rol and V. Rumyantsev and Victoria Scowcroft and David Shakhovskoy and Eric Small and Richard J. Smith and Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Sokolov and Rhaana L. C. Starling and Iain Steele and Robert G. Strom and Nial R. Tanvir and Yiannis Tsapras and Yuji Urata and Ovidiu Vaduvescu and Anna Volnova and A. Volvach and Ralph A.M.J. Wijers and Stan E. Woosley and David R. Young},
  • Zach Cano, David Bersier, +71 authors David R. Young
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • We present ground-based and Hubble Space Telescope optical observations of the optical transients (OTs) of long-duration Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) 060729 and 090618, both at a redshift of z= 0.54. For GRB 060729, bumps are seen in the optical light curves (LCs), and the late-time broad-band spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of the OT resemble those of local Type Ic supernovae (SNe). For GRB 090618, the dense sampling of our optical observations has allowed us to detect well-defined bumps in… CONTINUE READING

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    We are very grateful to Knut Olsen and Abi Saha for their assistance in obtaining images on the CTIO 4-m telescope in 2006 August

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    Mpc−1, M = 0.27, = 0.73. cWherever errors are not quoted in the literature conservative errors of 0.4 mag are used

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