A systemic payoff in a self-repairing network


Cooperation among agents is a crucial problem in autonomous distributed systems composed of selfish agents pursuing their own profits. An earlier study of a self-repairing network revealed that a systemic payoff was able to make the selfish agents cooperate with others. The systemic payoff is a payoff mechanism that sums up not only an agent’s own payoff, but also its neighborhood’s payoff. In the systemic payoff, the distance effect between the agents has not yet been studied. This article considers the systemic payoff that involves the distance effect among agents. We studied the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism for the network performance by multi-agent simulations.

DOI: 10.1007/s10015-011-0991-z

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@article{Tokumitsu2011ASP, title={A systemic payoff in a self-repairing network}, author={Masahiro Tokumitsu and Yoshiteru Ishida}, journal={Artificial Life and Robotics}, year={2011}, volume={16}, pages={563-566} }