A systematic revision of Baconia Lewis (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Exosternini)

  title={A systematic revision of Baconia Lewis (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Exosternini)},
  author={M. S. Caterino and A. Tishechkin},
  pages={1 - 297}
Abstract Here we present a complete revision of the species of Baconia. Up until now there have been 27 species assigned to the genus (Mazur, 2011), in two subgenera (Binhister Cooman and Baconia s. str.), with species in the Neotropical, Nearctic, Palaearctic, and Oriental regions. We recognize all these species as valid and correctly assigned to the genus, and redescribe all of them. We synonymize Binhister, previously used for a polyphyletic assemblage of species with varied relationships in… Expand
Phylogeny and generic limits in New World Exosternini (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Histerinae)
A phylogenetic analysis of all known New World species, described and undescribed, with over 50 outgroup taxa from other genera and tribes of Histerinae was undertaken, based on 259 morphological characters. Expand
Beetles (Coleoptera) of Peru: A Survey of the Families. Histeridae
Diversity in Peru: 6 subfamilies, 30 genera, 145 species. Recognition: Histeridae represent a monophyletic clade of staphyliniform beetles, classified as part of Hydrophiloidea or a major componentExpand
Nymphister kronaueri von Beeren & Tishechkin sp. nov., an army ant-associated beetle species (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Haeteriinae) with an exceptional mechanism of phoresy
A large-scale community survey of Eciton-associated symbionts, combined with extensive DNA barcoding, led to the discovery of numerous new species, among them a highly specialized histerid beetle, which is formally described here. Expand
Recognition and revision of the Phelister blairi group (Histeridae, Histerinae, Exosternini)
Abstract Forty-nine new species of Neotropical Exosternini are described in this work, representing the newly recognized Phelister blairi species group, within the large, heterogeneous taxonExpand
A New Genus and Species of North American Exosternini Associated with Cavity-Nesting Owls and a Reassignment of Phelister simoni Lewis (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Histerinae)
Strigister tecolotito has been found exclusively in association with nests of the ferruginous pygmy-owl and the Eastern screech-owl in extreme southern Texas, USA. Expand
New genera and species of Neotropical Exosternini (Coleoptera, Histeridae)
8 new genera and 23 new species of Neotropical Exosternini, representing highly distinctive and phylogenetically isolated forms, almost invariably known from very few specimens are described. Expand
Necrophilous Histeridae (Insecta: Coleoptera): What do We Know After 200 Years?
Histerids are predatory beetles that can be found in almost every known environment and are of potential importance for forensic entomology. We compiled 990 records of necrophilous Histeridae inExpand
Necrophilous Histeridae (Insecta: Coleoptera): What do We Know after 200 Years?
Abstract Histerids are predatory beetles that can be found in almost every known environment and are of potential importance for forensic entomology. We compiled 990 records of necrophilousExpand
Myrmecophily in beetles ( Coleoptera ) : evolutionary patterns and biological mechanisms
Socially parasitic myrmecophily has evolved numerou s times in arthropods, but myrmecophilous lineages ar non-randomly distributed across phylogeny. Evolution of this way of life is heavily biasedExpand
A revision of the Phelisterhaemorrhous species group (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Exosternini)
Abstract The Phelisterhaemorrhous species group is established here, revising the seventeen included species, four of which are described as new. This group is named for and contains the type speciesExpand


A systematic revision of Operclipygus Marseul (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Exosternini)
The large Neotropical genus Oper clipygus Marseul is revised, in the histerid tribe Exosternini (Histeridae: Histerinae), and 138 species are described as new, bringing the total to 177 species of Operclipygus. Expand
Case 3610 Phelister Marseul, 1853 (Insecta, Coleoptera, histeridae): proposed conservation of usage
To avoid the nomenclatural instability that would result from following the Principle of Priority, it is proposed that all type fixations for Phelisters Marseul, 1853 preceding that of Phelister haemorrhous Marseul), 1853 by Kryzhanovskij & Reichardt (1976) be set aside. Expand
Phylogeny of the Coleoptera Based on Morphological Characters of Adults and Larvae
Abstract. In order to infer phylogenetic relationships within the extraordinarily speciesrich order Coleoptera, a cladistic analysis is performed, in which 516 adult and larval morphologicalExpand
Revision of the genus Paratropus Gerstaecker (Coleoptera: Histeridae). II. Supplement
The following four new species are described and figured: P. angulifrons (Malaysia): Sabah, P. strigosus (Cameroon, Ghana), P. tenuis (Indonesia: Sumatra) and P. transvalensis (South Africa: Transvaal). Expand
Neue und interessante Psocopteren aus Griechenland, Spanien und Portugal
New and interesting psocids from Greece, Spain, and Portugal. — Six new species are described and illustrated: Asiopsocus meridionalis n. sp. (Spain), Caecilius ambulans n. sp. (Portugal), CaeciliusExpand
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