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A systematic review of quality of randomized controlled trials of glycyrrhizin acid to treat hepatitis in China

  title={A systematic review of quality of randomized controlled trials of glycyrrhizin acid to treat hepatitis in China},
  author={Ming-Hua Zheng and Shi Yu and Ke-Qing Shi and Xiao-Zhi Jin and Yong-Ping Chen},
To assess the quality of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for variety of preparations made from Glycyrrhizin Acid (GA), an ingredient found in Chinese herb Glycyrrhiza that is widely used in the treatment of hepatitis in clinical practice in China. From electronic searches of PubMed, CNKI, TCMDS, CBMdisc and Chongqing VIP database, we identified 93 reported RCTs between 1991 and 2007 that GA was the subject of the trial. The quality of each trial was assessed using the number of Consolidated… Expand


Quality Assessment for Randomized Controlled Trials Published in Four Acta of Traditional Chinese Medicine
There are deficiencies in the reporting of these RCTs, Most of the trials do not describe the randomization, only a few trials use the allocation concealment and blinded method, no description of comparability of baseline data, most of the Trials do not report the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and none estimate the sample size. Expand
Assessing the Quality of Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials in Traditional Chinese Medicine
The quality of reporting in China from 1999 to 2004 is suggested to be improved but still in poor status, which would urgently promote the establishment of the CONSORT for TCM. Expand
Meta-analysis of document on diammonium Glycyrrhizinate in treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis B
Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate was superior to both supportive drugs and Potenlini in treatment of chronic hepatitis-B and could reduce ALT and TB and ameliorate fibrosis as well. Expand
[Quality of clinical trials of Chinese herbal drugs, a review of 314 published papers].
The quality of clinical trials in JITWM was the first, JTCM the second, JTM the third and showed a gradually improved trend with time, which was based on a review of clinical Trials for herbal drugs published in various journals. Expand
Clinical Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China: Status and Evaluation
It has been realized that the efficacy and safety of TCM indicated some advances in treatment of certain kind of diseases, and improving the quality of RCT is the key step in modernization and internationalization ofTCM. Expand
Observation on therapeutic effects of compound glycyrrhizin in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B
The therapeutic effects of β-compound glycyrrhizin in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B are good and with less adverse reaction. Expand
Observation of Curative Effect of Glycyron Combined with Oxymatrine Complex on Chronic Type B Hepatitis (HB) in 54 Cases
Combined usage of glycyron with oxymatrine complex for the treatment of chronic HB can greatly improve clinical curative effect, adverse reactions are slight, so this method should be further studied and spread. Expand
Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Compound Glycyrrhizin Injection on Chronic Hepatitis B
CG is effecacious and safe in the treatment of CHB and other damage of liver and its clinical efficacy is better than that of DG. Expand
Observing clinical effect of glycyrrhizin in treating liver injury resulted from antituberculosis drugs
Glycyrrhizin has markedly effects in treating liver injury resulting from antituberculosis drugs, and the amelioration of treatment group was significantly better than control group. Expand
Clinical study in treating alcoholic liver disease with diammonium glycyrrhizinate
Objective To study clinical therapeutic effects on treating alcoholic liver disease with diammonium glycyrrhizinate. Methods 200 patients with alcoholic liver disease were randomly divided intoExpand