A systematic review of massive transfusion protocol in obstetrics.

  title={A systematic review of massive transfusion protocol in obstetrics.},
  author={Hiroaki Tanaka and Shigetaka Matsunaga and Tomoyuki Yamashita and Toshiyuki Okutomi and Atsushi Sakurai and Akihiko Sekizawa and Junichi Hasegawa and Katsuo Terui and Yasutaka Miyake and Jun Murotsuki and Tomoaki Ikeda},
  journal={Taiwanese journal of obstetrics & gynecology},
  volume={56 6},
Post-partum obstetric haemorrhage is a leading cause of mortality among Japanese women, generally treated with haemostatic measures followed by supplementary transfusion. Commonly used in the setting of severe trauma, massive transfusion protocols (MTPs), preparations of red blood cell concentrate (RBC) and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) with additional supplements, have proved effective in decreasing patient mortality following major obstetric bleeding events. Although promising, the optimal… CONTINUE READING