A systematic high-throughput screen of a yeast deletion collection for mutants defective in PHO5 regulation.

  title={A systematic high-throughput screen of a yeast deletion collection for mutants defective in PHO5 regulation.},
  author={Sidong Huang and Erin K O'Shea},
  volume={169 4},
In response to phosphate limitation, Saccharomyces cerevisiae induces transcription of a set of genes important for survival. One of these genes is PHO5, which encodes a secreted acid phosphatase. A phosphate-responsive signal transduction pathway (the PHO pathway) mediates this response through three central components: a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK), Pho85; a cyclin, Pho80; and a CDK inhibitor (CKI), Pho81. While signaling downstream of the Pho81/Pho80/Pho85 complex to PHO5 expression has… CONTINUE READING
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