A system for coreference resolution for the clinical narrative

  title={A system for coreference resolution for the clinical narrative},
  author={Jiaping Zheng and Wendy W. Chapman and Timothy A. Miller and Chen Lin and Rebecca S. Crowley and Guergana K. Savova},
  journal={Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA},
  volume={19 4},
OBJECTIVE To research computational methods for coreference resolution in the clinical narrative and build a system implementing the best methods. METHODS The Ontology Development and Information Extraction corpus annotated for coreference relations consists of 7214 coreferential markables, forming 5992 pairs and 1304 chains. We trained classifiers with semantic, syntactic, and surface features pruned by feature selection. For the three system components--for the resolution of relative… CONTINUE READING