A system for a new two-dimensional code: Secure 2D code


A new 2D code called Secure 2D code is designed in this paper, both encoder and decoder are also proposed. Secure 2D code can store any kind of data and provides high security. With regard to security, the input data is divided into two parts: general and secret. The general data is transformed into a 2D code pattern, then secret data is hidden in the 2D code pattern. To raise the reading speed and allow various reading environments, some features are added around the 2D code pattern boundary. As to the reliability, RS code is adopted to treat damaged patterns.

DOI: 10.1007/s001380050092

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@article{Yeh1998ASF, title={A system for a new two-dimensional code: Secure 2D code}, author={Chung-Tsai Yeh and Ling-Hwei Chen}, journal={Machine Vision and Applications}, year={1998}, volume={11}, pages={74-82} }