A synthetically simple, click-generated cyclam-based zinc(II) sensor.

  title={A synthetically simple, click-generated cyclam-based zinc(II) sensor.},
  author={Emiliano Tamanini and Arna Katewa and Lisa M. Sedger and Matthew H. Todd and Michael Watkinson},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={48 1},
A cyclam-based macrocyclic sensor has been prepared using synthetically simple "click" chemistry to link a fluorophore to the macrocyclic receptor. This sensor shows high selectivity for Zn(II) over a range of other metals, providing a significant enhancement of fluorescence intensity over a wide pH range. As such, this is the first cyclam-based sensor demonstrated to be selective for Zn(II) and is the first example of a triazole being used as a coordinating ligand on an azamacrocycle. The… CONTINUE READING

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