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A synopsis of the birds of India and Pakistan : together with those of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

  title={A synopsis of the birds of India and Pakistan : together with those of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka},
  author={Sidney Dillon Ripley},
The rediscovery and song of the Rusty-throated Wren Babbler Spelaeornis badeigularis
described by Ripley (1948) from a netted specimen collected on 5 January 1947 at about 1,600 m near Dreyi (near or now possibly known as Lohitpur/Lohatipur) in the Lohit River drainage of the Mishmi
Systematic notes on Asian birds. 47. Blyth’s ’Catalogue of the Birds in the Museum Asiatic Society’ and his 1849 Supplemental Note, with historical comments
Blyth’s honest intent to give credit to his correspondents for their new names that he gave to new taxa is explained and a few exceptions need attention and their dates need to be corrected in works of reference.
Further notable bird records from Bangladesh
Details are given of 23 species new for Bangladesh that were recorded between June 1993 and June 2002, or that were inadvertently omitted from the most recent national checklist (Harvey 1990), or
Systematic notes on Asian birds. 54. Comments on the names proposed by Hodgson (1845) and their priority
The dates for Blyth’s papers provided by Dickinson & Pittie (2006) are applied and confirm that these fit with previous understanding, implying that no fresh issues of priority arise.
Changes in Population Densities of Two White-Eye Species (Passeriformes: Zosteropidae) Along an Altitudinal Gradient in Sri Lanka
It can be inferred that SLWE has evolved with sufficient differences for ecological isolation from OWE, which has resulted in ecological release to certain extent where OWE must have been replaced with changes in vegetation structure together with competition from its congeneric species.
A Molecular Assessment of the Taxonomy of Iranian Sylvia Warblers (Aves; Sylviidae)
Results suggest that the Sylvia curruca complex is separated into two major clades with high support, and Sylvia cantillans is divided into three clades, corroborating previous studies.
Multiple species within the Striated Prinia Prinia crinigera– Brown Prinia P. polychroa complex revealed through an integrative taxonomic approach
Using mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, it is found that P. crinigera sensu lato (s.l.) comprises two non‐sister groups of taxa that differ substantially morphologically and vocally and that are broadly sympatric in Yunnan Province, China.
A bibliography of pelagic ornithology from South Asia : 1847 – 2011
This bibliography has been extracted from my larger database, “A bibliographic index to the birds of South Asia.” It comprises papers, popular articles, pertinent books, chapters, published and
Significance of a Forest Fragment as a Bird Habitat and its Importance in Biodiversity Conservation
Halgolla Forest (N7o18’, E80o31’, 536m above sea level), located close to the historic town of Danture, Sri Lanka, consists of mixed evergreen tropical plant species spanning over an area of about 20
Bird Diversity of Dekinda Forest Reserve, Balana, Sri Lanka: Implications for Conservation
Dekinda Forest Reserve, located close to the historic town of Balana,Sri Lanka (7°16’N, 80°29’E, 525-585m above sea level) consists of rainforest plant species spanning an area of about 40 ha. The