A survivor's guide to academic bullying.

  title={A survivor's guide to academic bullying.},
  author={Morteza Mahmoudi},
  journal={Nature human behaviour},
  • M. Mahmoudi
  • Published 31 August 2020
  • Education
  • Nature human behaviour

The potential role of an Ombuds Office in addressing academic bullying concerns

Colleges and universities are the main stakeholders in addressing academic bullying. To help address a variety of concerns on campus, including academic bullying, many colleges and universities have

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It is time to hold every member of the scientific community responsible and 'response able' in addressing/reporting academic harassment. Stop applauding academic stars on the podium prior to checking

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Despite policy efforts targeted at making universities more inclusive and equitable, academia is still rife with harassment and bullying, and opportunities are far from equal for everyone. The

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It is high time to effectively address the long overdue issue of academic bullying in the scientific workplaces. This piece offers suggestions for practical steps by stakeholders to effectively

Editorial | Stop the Academic Bullying: Our Internal Reflections for a Fairer Peer Reviews [Hentikan Perundungan Akademik: Refleksi Internal untuk Penilaian Sejawat yang Lebih Adil]

Academic bullying in peer reviews is a cultural problem. This Editorial Note is intended to identify the unhelpful comments/critiques and to highlight the impact of unprofessional peer reviews toward

Filling the Space: A Framework for Coordinated Global Actions To Diminish Academic Bullying.

A framework of integrated responding is focused on, in which stakeholders as responsible and response-able parties could proactively collaborate and coordinate to reduce the incidence and consequences of academic bullying while at the same time building constructive academic cultures.



The need for a global committee on academic behaviour ethics

Improve reporting systems for academic bullying

Robert-Jan Smits declares it a “pity” that arguments about academic freedom are stifling debate on his ‘Plan S’, which promotes a radical shift towards open-access publishing, but in fact the opposite is happening.