A survey on socio-technical resources for software ecosystems


Software Ecosystem (SECO) is often understood as a set of actors interacting among themselves and manipulating artifacts with the support of a common technology platform. SECO can represent an environment in which the component repository is gathering stakeholders, and software products and components. By manipulating software artifacts, a technical network emerges from component repositories that support Software Reuse. Those repositories often lack resources to support actors' relationships. Introducing social resources in SECO aims at stimulating actors' interactions, information exchange and better understanding on how artifacts are manipulated in such social relations. In this paper, we focus on investigating SECO representing component repositories that include socio-technical resources. A survey with experts was planned and executed. The goal was to identify the relevance of each resource for a SECO based on component repositories, initially focused on the Brazilian scenario. This paper also describes the analysis of the data collected in this survey. Some information of other SECO elements extracted from the data is also presented, e.g., the participants' profile and how they behave within a SECO.

DOI: 10.1145/2857218.2857230

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