A survey on network community detection based on evolutionary computation

  title={A survey on network community detection based on evolutionary computation},
  author={Qing Cai and Lijia Ma and Maoguo Gong and Dayong Tian},
  journal={Int. J. Bio Inspired Comput.},
Uncovering community structures of a complex network can help us to understand how the network functions. Over the past few decades, network community detection has attracted growing research interest from many fields. Many community detection methods have been developed. Network community structure detection can be modelled as optimisation problems. Due to their inherent complexity, these problems often cannot be well solved by traditional optimisation methods. For this reason, evolutionary… 

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An efficient algorithm for community detection in complex weighted networks

An efficient community detection algorithm that detects community structures in a weighted network by solving a multi-objective optimization problem by adopting the non-dominated sorting concept.

Evolutionary Computation for Community Detection in Networks: A Review

  • C. Pizzuti
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
  • 2018
The aim of this paper is to present the approaches based on evolutionary computation to uncover community structure, and the representation schemes with the genetic operators apt for them are described and the most popular fitness functions employed by the methods are discussed.

A Network Reduction-Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Community Detection in Large-Scale Complex Networks

Experimental results on synthetic and real-world networks demonstrate the superiority of the proposed algorithm over several state-of-the-art community detection algorithms for large-scale networks, in terms of both computational efficiency and detection performance.

Multi-objective NSGA-II based community detection using dynamical evolution social network

This article presents a non- dominated aware searching Algorithm designated as non-dominated sorting based community detection with dynamical awareness (NDS-CD-DA), which has accomplished a domination percentage of 100% over dynamic evolutionary community searching DECS for almost all iterations.

An evolutionary motifs-based algorithm for community detection

  • C. PizzutiAnnalisa Socievole
  • Computer Science
    2017 8th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems & Applications (IISA)
  • 2017
An approach based on genetic algorithms for clustering nodes according to their participation in instances of particular motifs is proposed, finding the best local solution by partitioning the network into a number of communities that minimizes the concept of motif conductance.

Bee Swarm Optimization for Community Detection in Complex Network

This paper purports at proposing an algorithm based on the BSO (bee swarm optimization) for community detection problem the authors call BSOCD, which takes modularity Q as objective function and k number of bees to create a search area.

A novel multiobjective particle swarm optimization algorithm for signed network community detection

A novel multiobjective particle swarm optimization algorithm is put forward to solve the community detection problem from the viewpoint of evolutionary computation and demonstrates that the proposed optimization model and the algorithm are promising for community detection from signed networks.

A Skeleton-based Community Detection Algorithm for Directed Networks

  • Hao LongTong WuHongyan Yin
  • Computer Science
    2020 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Aided Education (ICISCAE)
  • 2020
A novel skeleton-based community detection algorithm for directed networks by extending the term of the edge intensity for undirected graphs to directed ones, then the skeleton chain is extracted out as a profile of the original directed network; with iterative splitting of network skeleton and the extended intensity-based modularity, disjoint communities fordirected networks can be accurately retrieved.



Community detection in networks by using multiobjective evolutionary algorithm with decomposition

Effective Algorithm for Detecting Community Structure in Complex Networks Based on GA and Clustering

This paper presents an approach for the problem of community detection using genetic algorithm (GA) in conjunction with the method of clustering, and demonstrates that the algorithms are highly effective at discovering community structure in both computer-generated and real-world network data.

A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Overlapping Community Detection

A novel algorithm to discover overlapping communities based on edge clustering is proposed, which is different from conventional algorithms based on node clustering and will discover groups of edges that have the same characteristics.

Fitness evaluation for overlapping community detection in complex networks

This paper investigates the performance of evolutionary algorithms for the task of detecting overlapping communities and shows that none of the fitness functions used are able to guide the search process towards good partitions based on a measure of the normalized mutual information.

Community Detection Using Cooperative Co-evolutionary Differential Evolution

This paper introduces Cooperative Co-evolution framework for detecting communities in complex networks, adopt Differential Evolution (DE) to optimize network modularity to search for an optimal partition of a network and design a novel mutation operator specifically for community detection.

A non-dominated neighbor immune algorithm for community detection in networks

This paper proposes a multi-objective approach, named NNIA-Net, to discover communities in networks by employing Non-dominated Neighbor Immune Algorithm (NNIA), and demonstrates that the algorithm is highly efficient at discovering quality community structure in both synthetic and real-world network data.

Multi-objective community detection in complex networks

GA-Net: A Genetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Social Networks

A genetic based approach to discover communities in social networks by optimizing a simple but efficacious fitness function able to identify densely connected groups of nodes with sparse connections between groups.

Overlapped community detection in complex networks

A genetic based approach to discover overlapping communities by optimizing a fitness function able to identify densely connected groups of nodes by employing it on the line graph corresponding to the graph modelling the network.

A New Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Community Detection in Dynamic Complex Networks

A novel multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for dynamic networks community detection based on the framework of nondominated sorting genetic algorithm and a local search operator was designed, which can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of community detection.