A survey of the European Open Science Cloud services for expanding the capacity and capabilities of multidisciplinary scientific applications

  title={A survey of the European Open Science Cloud services for expanding the capacity and capabilities of multidisciplinary scientific applications},
  author={Amanda Calatrava and Hern{\'a}n Asorey and J{\'a}n Astalos and Alberto Azevedo and Francesco Benincasa and Ignacio Blanquer and Martin Bob{\'a}k and Francisco Vilar Brasileiro and Laia Cod'o and Laura del Ca{\~n}o and Borja Esteban and Meritxell Ferret and Josef Handl and Tobias Kerzenmacher and Valentin Y. Kozlov and Alevs Kvrenek and Ricardo Martins and Manuel Pavesio and Antonio J. Rubio-Montero and Juan S'anchez-Ferrero},
Expanding the capacity and capabilities of multidisciplinary scientific services by means of the European Open Science Cloud Open Science is a paradigm in which scientific data, procedures, tools and results are shared transparently and reused by society as a whole. The initiative known as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an effort in Europe to provide an open, trusted, virtual and federated computing environment to execute scientific applications, and to store, share and re-use research… 



Dynamic Management of Virtual Infrastructures

A set of components that ease the access and the usability of IaaS clouds by automating the VMI selection, deployment, configuration, software installation, monitoring and update of Virtual Appliances and integrates a contextualization system to enable the installation and configuration of all the user required applications.

A Resilient Methodology for Accessing and Exploiting Data and Scientific Codes on Distributed Environments

The development, execution and maintenance of distributed applications is significantly simplified with respect to previous solutions, increasing their robustness and allowing running them on different computational platforms unattendedly.

WorkflowHub: Community Framework for Enabling Scientific Workflow Research and Development

WorkflowHub is presented, a community framework that provides a collection of tools for analyzing workflow execution traces, producing realistic synthetic workflow traces, and simulating workflow executions and it is found that this framework can be used to generate representative workflow traces at larger scales than that of available workflow traces.

TOSCA: Portable Automated Deployment and Management of Cloud Applications

This chapter provides an overview on the concepts and usage of TOSCA.

EUDAT: A New Cross-Disciplinary Data Infrastructure for Science

The EUDAT project is a pan-European data initiative that aims to build a sustainable cross-disciplinary and cross-national data infrastructure that provides a set of shared services for accessing and preserving research data.

ROHub - A Digital Library of Research Objects Supporting Scientists Towards Reproducible Science

ROHub is a digital library system for ROs that supports their storage, lifecycle management and preservation and provides a Web interface and a set of RESTful APIs enabling the sharing of scientific findings via ROs.

A high-throughput shared service to estimate evapotranspiration using Landsat imagery

Common ELIXIR Service for Researcher Authentication and Authorisation

The requirements and design of the ELIXIR AAI and the policies related to its use are presented, and how it can be used for serving some example services, such as document management, social media, data discovery, human data access, cloud compute and training services.