A survey of surface mount device placement machine optimisation: Machine classification

  title={A survey of surface mount device placement machine optimisation: Machine classification},
  author={Masri Ayob and Graham Kendall},
  journal={Eur. J. Oper. Res.},

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The optimisation of the single surface mount device placement machine in printed circuit board assembly: a survey

The optimisation problem is classified into five sub-problems: feeder setup, component placement sequencing, nozzle optimisation, component retrieval plan and motion control, and issues relevant to each of these are analyzed.

A literature survey of the operation optimization in chip shooter placement machines

  • A. F. AlkayaE. Duman
  • Business
    PICMET '09 - 2009 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology
  • 2009
This study surveys the studies made regarding these chip shooter machines; state the level of complexity undertaken, the solution algorithms suggested and the results obtained; and provides a starting reference for those who are interested in optimizing these machines.

Optimization and Measuring Techniques for Collect-and-Place Machines in Printed Circuit Board Industry

This thesis considers optimization problems arising in printed circuit board assembly. Especially, the case in which the electronic components of a single circuit board are placed using a single

Estimating the operation time of flexible surface mount placement machines

D discrete-event simulation is applied to predict component placement times of gantry type machines, with very high accuracy; the operation times predicted by the simulator are for a particular machine type (Universal Instruments GC-60D) in range ±1 % from the observed operation times.

Organizing the nozzle magazine of a gantry-type PCB assembly machine

The present work studies the operation control of so-called collect-and-place component placement machines. These kinds of machines are suited for the flexible manufacturing of various printed

Machine configuration and workload balancing of modular placement machines in multi-product PCB assembly

A two-step optimisation method for the machine reconfiguration and workload balancing in the case of multiple Printed Circuit Borad (PCB) batches of different sizes and PCB types is presented to minimise the total production time.

PCB assembly scheduling with alternative nozzle types for one component type

This paper considers the beam-type placement machine that can simultaneously pick up several components from feeders that is the bottleneck of a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly line and proposes a greedy heuristic and a modified agglomerative hierarchical clustering approach to minimize the number of pickups.

Pick-Up and Placement Improvement: An Industrial Case Study

The aim of this work is to identify and analyse these types of components, as well as their differences and possible causes for their misplacement on the printed circuit boards, and it was concluded that nozzles 907 present a good behaviour in resistors and nozzle 925 present aGood behaviour in capacitors.




Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a popular method of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly in which high speed automated assembly machines are capable of placing in excess of 40,000 components per

Heuristics approach to printed circuit board insertion problem

This paper proposes a heuristic solution technique of low computational complexity to find a better assembly plan comprising of the assembly sequence of electronic components and the placement order of the reels in the feeder.

Throughput rate optimization in the automated assembly of printed circuit boards

The electronics industry relies heavily on numerically controlled machines for the placement of electronic components on the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB). These placement (or mounting, or

Real-time scheduling for multi headed placement machine

  • M. AyobG. Kendall
  • Business
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium onAssembly and Task Planning, 2003.
  • 2003
This paper proposes a methodology for real-time scheduling to sequence the pickup and placement of component on multi headed placement machines in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. The latest

Optimizing the performance of a surface mount placement machine

Process planning is an important and integral part of effectively operating a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly system. A PCB assembly system generally consists of different types of placement

Optimisation for surface mount placement machines

This paper will survey the relation between models, assembly machine technologies and heuristic methods in the context of surface mount placement machines.

Optimization of high-speed multistation SMT placement machines using evolutionary algorithms

Experimental results using genetic algorithms to optimize the feeder slot assignment problem for a high-speed parallel, multistation SMT placement machine are presented, which supports the use of genetic algorithms for this problem.

Optimizing the operation sequence of a chip placement machine using TSP model

Surface mount component placement machines are being widely used in electronic manufacturing industry for automated placement of components on printed wire boards (PWBs). Their performance is

Optimization of revolver head SMT machines using adaptive simulated annealing (ASA)

  • T. TirpakP. NelsonA. Asmani
  • Business
    Twenty Sixth IEEE/CPMT International Electronics Manufacturing Technology Symposium (Cat. No.00CH37146)
  • 2000
Among the various SMT assembly machines, revolver head machines are popular due to their small size, relatively high placement rate, wide range of parts they can place, and stationary feeder banks