A survey of simulated annealing as a tool for single and multiobjective optimization

  title={A survey of simulated annealing as a tool for single and multiobjective optimization},
  author={Balram Suman and P. Kumar},
  journal={Journal of the Operational Research Society},
  • B. SumanP. Kumar
  • Published 1 October 2006
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of the Operational Research Society
This paper presents a comprehensive review of simulated annealing (SA)-based optimization algorithms. SA-based algorithms solve single and multiobjective optimization problems, where a desired global minimum/maximum is hidden among many local minima/maxima. Three single objective optimization algorithms (SA, SA with tabu search and CSA) and five multiobjective optimization algorithms (SMOSA, UMOSA, PSA, WDMOSA and PDMOSA) based on SA have been presented. The algorithms are briefly discussed and… 

An improved simulated annealing algorithm for bilevel multiobjective programming problems with application

The improved simulated annealing (SA) optimization algorithm is proposed for solving bilevel multiobjective programming problem (BLMPP) and the experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is a feasible and efficient method for solving BLMPPs.

A Simulated Annealing-Based Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm: AMOSA

A simulated annealing based multiobjective optimization algorithm that incorporates the concept of archive in order to provide a set of tradeoff solutions for the problem under consideration that is found to be significantly superior for many objective test problems.

Simulated annealing for many objective optimization problems

A novel variant of Simulated Annealing (SA) is proposed as an alternative to solve MaOP problems, combining also the proposed SA with clustering reduction techniques and tabu search.

Some Single- and Multiobjective Optimization Techniques

A detailed description of a multiobjective simulated annealing-based technique, AMOSA, is provided, along with an analysis of its time complexity.

Development of a Robust Multiobjective Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems

This paper describes the development of a robust algorithm for multiobjective optimization, known as robust multiobjective simulated annealing (rMOSA). rMOSA is a simulated annealing based

A New Multiobjective Simulated Annealing Algorithm—MOSA‐GR: Application to the Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks

The results show that MOSA‐GR has a very good performance and gives rise to better fronts, even compared with those obtained by merging the results from different MOEAs implemented in similar conditions.

A comparison of three heuristic optimization algorithms for solving the multi-objective land allocation (MOLA) problem

Simulating annealing, genetic algorithm, and particle swarm optimization are applied to a common MOLA problem that aims to maximize land suitability and spatial compactness and minimize land conversion cost subject to the number of units allocated for each use.



Simulated annealing-based multiobjective algorithms and their application for system reliability

The paper presents five simulated annealing based multiobjective algorithms - SMOSA, UMOSA, PSA, PDMOSA and WMOSA. All of these algorithms aim to find a Pareto set of solutions of a system

Study of simulated annealing based algorithms for multiobjective optimization of a constrained problem

  • B. Suman
  • Computer Science
    Comput. Chem. Eng.
  • 2004


This paper describes a novel implementation of the Simulated Annealing algorithm designed to explore the trade-off between multiple objectives in optimization problems and concludes that the proposed algorithm offers an effective and easily implemented method for exploring thetrade-off in multiobjective optimization problems.

Study of self-stopping PDMOSA and performance measure in multiobjective optimization

  • B. Suman
  • Computer Science
    Comput. Chem. Eng.
  • 2005

Pareto simulated annealing—a metaheuristic technique for multiple‐objective combinatorial optimization

This paper presents a multiple-objective metaheuristic procedure—Pareto simulated annealing. The goal of the procedure is to find in a relatively short time a good approximation of the set of

An empirical study of evolutionary techniques for multiobjective optimization in engineering design

This work tries to narrow the gap between theory and practice in the context of engineering optimization with two new multiobjective optimization GA-based methods based on the notion of min-max optimum, showing that at least one of them is able to produce better results than any other technique tested.

Adaptive temperature control for simulated annealing: a comparative study

The Theory and Practice of Simulated Annealing

This chapter presents practical guidelines for the implementation of simulated annealing in terms of cooling schedules, neighborhood functions, and appropriate applications, as well as recent advances in the analysis of finite time performance.

Multiobjective Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms - A Comparative Case Study

In this paper an extensive, quantitative comparison is presented, applying four multiobjective evolutionary algorithms to an extended 0/1 knapsack problem.