A survey of osteoporosis using the calcaneum as an index

  title={A survey of osteoporosis using the calcaneum as an index},
  author={Nikita Aggarwal and Gurdev Dave Singh and Rajiv Aggarwal and Rajinder Pal Kaur and Smridh Thapar},
  journal={International Orthopaedics},
Two hundred radiographs of the calcaneum and 200 radiographs of the femoral neck from 100 persons were compared. A system of calcaneal grading, different from that earlier reported (8), was evolved which correlated significantly with the Singh Index (18). We found that resorption of secondary tensile and compressive trabeculae occurred before resorption of the primary trabeculae. Interruption of primary compressive trabeculae, which was previously described (8), is an inconstant feature. Our… CONTINUE READING