A survey of certain problems in analysis and their status

  title={A survey of certain problems in analysis and their status},
  author={Biagio Ricceri},
In this paper, we give a survey of certain problems highlighting their current status. 



On some motivated conjectures and problems

In this paper we propose some conjectures and problems, in different fields of analysis, presenting also their motivations.

Some research perspectives in nonlinear functional analysis

The object of this lecture is to propose a series of conjectures and problems in different fields of analysis. They have been formulated with the aim of introducing some innovative methods in the

A note on a problem by Ricceri on the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz condition

In this note we give an answer to Ricceri's open problem involving the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz superlinear condition.

Existence of fixed points for a particular multifunction

We prove a fixed point theorem for a particular multifunction from the unit sphere of a reflexive Banach space with the Kadec-Klee property into itself.

On Ricceri's conjecture for a class of nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Superposition Operator in a Space of Infinitely Differentiable Functions

In this paper we prove a degeneration result for the superposition operator in V (R), a particular space of infinitely differentiable functions which have all derivatives uniformly bounded by a

On the Dirichlet problem involving non-linearities with non-positive primitive: a problem and a remark

In this article, we consider the Dirichlet problem for a semilinear elliptic equation involving a non-linearity with non-positive primitive. We propose an open problem and give a partial answer to it.

On some non-linear elliptic differential-functional equations

where, for a fixed x, F[u] (x) is a non-linear functional of u. The results to be obtained can be considered as generalizations of some theorems of Gilbarg [5] and Stampacchia [14] in the case F [ u