A survey of TonB-dependent receptors in fluorescent pseudomonads.

  title={A survey of TonB-dependent receptors in fluorescent pseudomonads.},
  author={Pierre Cornelis and Josselin Bodilis},
  journal={Environmental microbiology reports},
  volume={1 4},
For bacteria with an aerobic lifestyle, iron is in the oxidized Fe(3+) form, hence poorly soluble. The solution is the synthesis and excretion of siderophores with a high affinity for iron. These ferrisiderophores are recognized by TonB-dependent outer membrane receptors in Gram-negative bacteria. Haem is also a source of iron and is captured via TonB-dependent receptors as well. In many cases bacterial genomes encode genes for receptors for siderophores produced by other microorganisms… CONTINUE READING
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