A survey of Palaearctic Dictynidae (Araneae). 1. Taxonomic notes on Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939, Brigittea Lehtinen, 1967 and Lathys Simon, 1884.

  title={A survey of Palaearctic Dictynidae (Araneae). 1. Taxonomic notes on Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939, Brigittea Lehtinen, 1967 and Lathys Simon, 1884.},
  author={Y. Marusik and S. L. Esyunin and T. Tuneva},
  volume={3925 1},
A new species, Dictynomorpha daemonis sp. n. (♂) is described from South Kazakhstan and a new diagnosis is suggested for Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939. The genus is redelimited and its type species D. strandi Spassky, 1939 redescribed. Three Dictynomorpha species are transferred to Ajmonia Caporiacco, 1934 and three new combinations are suggested: Ajmonia smaragdula (Simon, 1905) comb. n., Ajmonia bedeshai (Tikader, 1966) comb. n. and Ajmonia marakata (Sherriffs, 1927) comb. n. Brigittea Lehtinen… Expand
On a new Eurasian species of Dictyna Sundevall, 1833 (Aranei: Dictynidae), with taxonomic notes on poorly known Palaearctic Dictyna species
A new species Dictyna sinuata sp.n. (#) is described from the steppe zone of Orenburg Area, Russia. This species belongs to the arundinacea species group and is closely related to the North AmericanExpand
A new genus and ten new species of spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) from Iran
Abstract One new genus (Sestakovaiagen. nov.; Liocranidae) and 10 new species of five families of spiders are described from different provinces of Iran: Brigitteaavicennasp. nov. (♂♀, Alborz andExpand
Insufficiency in Distributional Faunistic Data in Synanthropic Spiders: a Case Study of the Occurrence of Brigittea Civica (Araneae, Dictynidae) in South Moravia, Czech Republic
B. civica is much more common than was previously mapped and the presence of this species in the Czech Republic was underestimated, it is suggested. Expand
Spiders (Araneae) of Subotica Sandland (Serbia): additional arguments in environmental protection
Diversity and species compositions provided an insight into the quality of the habitats and the influence of the conservation and development measures that were already applied, and the main endangerment factors are outlined. Expand
A revised checklist of the spiders of Great Britain and Ireland
Abstract A revised checklist of spider species found in Great Britain and Ireland is presented together with their national distributions, national and international conservation statuses andExpand


Himalmartensus, a new genus of the spider family Amaurobiidae from Nepal (Araneae)
Members of this new genus can be separated from other amaurobiid genera by the combination of the presence of a colulus, a single chilum, smooth trichobothrial bases, and simple tracheal tubes. Expand
On the northernmost Ajmonia Caporiacco, 1934 (Aranei: Dictynidae: Dictyninae)
The female of Ajmonia aurita Song and Lu, 1985 is redescribed on the basis of specimens from East Kazakhstan. The composition of the genus is briefly discussed and figures for all other easternExpand
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