A survey of Network Neutrality regulations worldwide

  title={A survey of Network Neutrality regulations worldwide},
  author={Thiago Garrett and Ligia Eliana Setenareski and Let{\'i}cia Mara Peres and Luis Carlos Erpen De Bona and Elias Proc{\'o}pio Duarte},
  journal={Comput. Law Secur. Rev.},

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This study explains the concept of network neutrality and its history as an extension of the rights and duties of common carriers, as well as its policy history as examined in US and European
The state of network neutrality regulation
An overview of the history of the Network Neutrality debate in the U.S. and the EU is provided and the challenges that will confront network engineers designing and operating networks as the debate continues to evolve are highlighted.
Net Neutrality Around the Globe: A Survey
This paper surveys the prominent countries in four parts of the world: North America, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe to show what laws and regulations regarding net neutrality are put into action for each country and how each country implements the net neutrality principles.
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The EU approach to net neutrality: Network operators and over-the-top players, friends or foes?
  • M. Leal
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    Comput. Law Secur. Rev.
  • 2014
A comparative analysis of net neutrality
Network Neutrality and Its Impact on Innovation
The papers in this special issue explore multiple facets of the problem, including the economical factors behind NN, dealing with multiple NN jurisdictions across international Internet paths and designing in-network caching strategies that are neutral.
Quantifying the Influence of Regulatory Instructions over the Detection of Network Neutrality Violations
This paper analyzed the public dataset of TDs detected by Glasnost under the regulatory perspective and found that in specific circumstances, up to 48% of detected TDs cannot be conclusively signaled as NN violations.
Monitoring Network Neutrality: A Survey on Traffic Differentiation Detection
This paper describes ways that can be used by an ISP to implement traffic differentiation, and defines the problem of differentiation detection, followed by a description of multiple existing strategies and tools.