A super-Earth transiting a nearby low-mass star.

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@article{Charbonneau2009AST, title={A super-Earth transiting a nearby low-mass star.}, author={David B. Charbonneau and Zachory K. Berta and Jonathan M. Irwin and Christopher J . Burke and P . A . Nutzman and Lars A. Buchhave and Christophe Lovis and Xavier Bonfils and David W. Latham and St{\'e}phane Udry and Ruth A. Murray-Clay and Matthew Jon Holman and Emilio E. Falco and J. Winn and Didier Queloz and Francesco Pepe and Michel Mayor and Xavier Delfosse and Thierry Forveille}, journal={Nature}, year={2009}, volume={462 7275}, pages={891-4} }