A sulfated alpha-L-fucan from sea cucumber.

  title={A sulfated alpha-L-fucan from sea cucumber.},
  author={Apoena Ribeiro and Ricardo Pilz Vieira and Paulo A. S. Mour{\~a}o and Barbara Mulloy},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
A purified sulfated alpha-L-fucan from the sea cucumber body wall was studied, before and after almost complete desulfation, using methylation analysis and NMR spectroscopy. NMR analysis indicates that 2,4-di-O-sulfo-L-fucopyranose and unsubstituted fucopyranose are present in equal proportions, and that 2-O-sulfo-L-fucopyranose is present in twice that proportion. There is some NMR evidence that a regular repeating sequence of four residues comprises most or all of the polysaccharide chain. 

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