A suggested method of making fuller use of strings in ALGOL 60


I t seems to us that while ALGOL 60 cannot be made into a good symbol manipulation language without many additions two simple extensions would make a considerable difference, making 23kLGOL an adequate language for some symbol manipulation problems and also improving it in other ways. For a suggested way for incorporating full symbol manipulation features into A L G O L , s e e "A String Language for Symbol Manipulation Based on ALGOL 60" by J. H. Wegstein and W. W. Youden [Comm. ACM, Jan. 1962]. We propose two extensions to the use of strings which, we think, could be added into an existing translator with virtually no effort. As ALGOL stands, strings can be used only as actual parameters of procedures, presumably output procedures; nested strings are allowed but it would need some ingenuity to find a use for them. In our discussion we take "string" to mean a non-nested string. Our proposed additions (henceforward referred to here as "the additions") are: (i) Strings can be assigned as values of variables. (ii) Strings can be used as operands of the relational operators: "=" and " ~ " .

DOI: 10.1145/366349.366543

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