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A substrate for brane shells from $T\bar{T}$

  title={A substrate for brane shells from \$T\bar\{T\}\$},
  author={Jeremı́as Aguilera-Damia and Louise M. Anderson and Evan Austen Coleman},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
A solvable current-current deformation of the worldsheet theory of strings on $AdS_3$ has been recently conjectured to be dual to an irrelevant deformation of the spacetime orbifold CFT, commonly referred to as single-trace $T\bar{T}$. These deformations give rise to a family of bulk geometries which realize a non-trivial flow towards the UV. For a particular sign of this deformation, the corresponding three-dimensional geometry approaches $AdS_3$ in the interior, but has a curvature… 

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