A substance resembling somatomedin C in the American cockroach.

  title={A substance resembling somatomedin C in the American cockroach.},
  author={P. D. E. M. Verhaert and Robert G. Downer and Roger Huybrechts and Arnold De Loof},
  journal={Regulatory peptides},
  volume={25 1},
Material antigenically resembling somatomedin C (type I insulin-like growth factor, IGF-I) is demonstrated in the American cockroach Periplaneta americana by means of a monoclonal antibody immunoperoxidase technique. It was localized histochemically in neuronal cell somata and axonal fibers (probably interneurons) of the central nervous/neuroendocrine system and in 'endocrine-type' cells lining the midgut epithelium. The IGF-I-like substance is different from vertebrate insulin and also… CONTINUE READING

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