A subexponential vector-valued Bohnenblust-Hille type inequality

  title={A subexponential vector-valued Bohnenblust-Hille type inequality},
  author={Nacib Gurgel Albuquerque and Daniel N'unez-Alarc'on and Diana Serrano-Rodr'iguez},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},



The Bohnenblust-Hille inequality for homogeneous polynomials is hypercontractive

The Bohnenblust-Hille inequality says that the ‘ 2m m+1 -norm of the coefcients of an m-homogeneous polynomial P on C n is bounded by kPk1 times a constant independent of n, wherekk 1 denotes the

Vector valued Bohnenblust-Hille inequalities

The Bohr-Bohnenblust-Hille theorem states that the maximal width of the strip on which a Dirichlet series converges uniformly but not absolutely equals ½. In fact Bohr in 1913 proved that S ≤ ½ asked

Bohr’s power series theorem in several variables

Generalizing a classical one-variable theorem of Harald Bohr, we show that if an n-variable power series has modulus less than 1 in the unit polydisc, then the sum of the moduli of the terms is less

Optimal Hardy-Littlewood type inequalities for polynomials and multilinear operators

In this paper we obtain quite general and definitive forms for Hardy-Littlewood type inequalities. Moreover, when restricted to the original particular cases, our approach provides much simpler and