A sub-picojoule-per-bit CMOS photonic receiver for densely integrated systems.

  title={A sub-picojoule-per-bit CMOS photonic receiver for densely integrated systems.},
  author={Xuezhe Zheng and Frankie Y. Liu and Dinesh Patil and Hiren Thacker and Ying Luo and Thierry Pinguet and Attila Mekis and Jin Gui Yao and Guoliang Li and Jing Shi and Kannan Raj and Jon K. Lexau and Elad Alon and Ron Ho and John E. Cunningham and Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={18 1},
We report ultra-low-power (690fJ/bit) operation of an optical receiver consisting of a germanium-silicon waveguide detector intimately integrated with a receiver circuit and embedded in a clocked digital receiver. We show a wall-plug power efficiency of 690microW/Gbps for the photonic receiver made of a 130nm SOI CMOS Ge waveguide detector integrated to a 90nm Si CMOS receiver circuit. The hybrid CMOS photonic receiver achieved a sensitivity of -18.9dBm at 5Gbps for BER of 10(-12). Enabled by a… CONTINUE READING
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