[A study on the psychological status of perioperative patients (II)].


In order to study the changes of the psychological status during perioperative period, we performed four different psychological tests, Spielberger's rating scale "The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)", Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS), Maudsley Personality Inventory (MPI) and Baum test, in 63 patients who received simple total hysterectomy for myoma of uterus. The anxiety ratings showed a significant decrease postoperatively. On the contrary, the SDS index that expresses the level of depressive mood showed no significant change during perioperative period. Moreover the patients who had shown a tendency of nervousness in MPI kept the high level of the SDS index during perioperative period than the other patients who had not shown a tendency of nervousness in MPI. In Baum test, more than 75% of patients manifested psychologic fragility or lability. These results suggest that depressive mood affects strictly the psychological status in postoperative period more than anxiety. We presume that the depressive mood during perioperative period is responsible for the postoperative psychological disturbance.

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