A study of thyroid function in psychiatric in-patients.


The prevalence of abnormal serum total thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) concentrations were determined in 1,206 in-patients in two associated psychiatric hospitals. The biochemical pattern of primary hypothyroidism occurred in five females and one male (prevalence 0.5 per cent), but in only one patient was the diagnosis clinically obvious. Eight… (More)


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@article{Mclarty1978ASO, title={A study of thyroid function in psychiatric in-patients.}, author={D G Mclarty and Wendy A. Ratcliffe and Julie Ratcliffe and J. G. Shimmins and A. Goldberg}, journal={The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science}, year={1978}, volume={133}, pages={211-8} }